Global Citizens Project


In collaboration with Blackstone School of Law, a non-profit educational institute in Lahore.


Taking pre-school (3-6 year old - age exceptions can be made) batch of 10 children now. Apply nowl!

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We are a pre-K to 12 school developing children to be compassionate and curious individuals who are ready to positively impact the world around them.

We foster childhood and educate the whole child to help her/him develop as a human being. Our innovative and holistic approach to education also aims to foster systemic change and inspire the way society educates our future generations. We are producing a replicable model for learning in the 21st century. Our teachers ensure that the following three goals for development as a human being, significant for the whole life, will be taken into account throughout the child's education:

1) Promotion of personal well-being

2) Reinforcement of considerate behavior and actions towards others.

3) Gradual build-up of autonomy

We respect each child's individuality and encourage them to act and develop as their own unique personalities.

With us, children learn compassion and empathy. In that, they learn to think of other people and care about them. They think positively about themselves, other people, other cultures and environments.

Our third goal aims to help children grow up into adults who are able to take care of themselves and of people close to them and to make decisions and choices concerning their own life.


Why should you send your child to Global Citizens Project?

  • Our teachers preserve natural curiosity and joy in each child.
  • Warm personal relationship with the teacher provides basis of learning.
  • Teachers and parents work together to develop an Individual Development Plan for the child.
  • Low fee for a fabulous experience. No purchase of books or uniform necessary.
  • Have your kids experience this new-age educational style and decide whether this is a right fit for them.
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New york State core curriculum

Language & Arts:

Core Knowledge Language Arts Preschool (CKLA Preschool) is a comprehensive English Language Arts curriculum designed to prepare young children for later reading success by building foundational language and literacy skills. CKLA Preschool materials and instruction provide explicit, systematic support for developing young children’s language, literacy, and content knowledge within the context of developmentally-appropriate early childhood settings. 


Pre-Kindergarten mathematics is about (1) developing an understanding of whole numbers using concrete materials, including concepts of correspondence, counting, cardinality, and comparison; and (2) describing shapes in their environment. More learning time in Pre-Kindergarten should be devoted to developing the concept of number than to other topics.

Compassion Curriculum

Our Compassion Curriculum is incorporated inside and outside of classroom activites and day to day routine. The Compassion Curriculum aims:

  • To encourage a sense of unity and belonging in a diverse world.
  • To cultivate a sense of ecology and responsibility for the environment.
  • To help children understand the interconnection between themselves, others, and the world around them.
  • To foster love and respect for all, regardless of culture, religion, race or nationality

Individual Development Plan for each child

An Individual Development Plan (IDP) is drawn up for each child by the teacher in collaboration with parents. IDP is continuously assessed throughout the year and progress is shared with parents. Teachers and parents have an opportunity to revise IDP of the child twice a year or as needed. Since we provide a highly personalized education to each child, our class size will not be more than 10 children.

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ApplicatioNs for the Summer Program

Step 1: Submit the following form.

Step 2: Parents will be contacted for a short interview so that we learn about their child's need and to determine if their goals are aligned with the Global Citizens Project's goals. The child will not be interviewed. However they are welcome to accompany their parents to the interview.

Step 3: Our little friends begin their journey with us.

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