About us

Blackstone School of Law is a non-profit law school situated in Lahore, Pakistan. We provide legal education to Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) students of University of London International Programmes and Northumbria University. We chose to be a not-for-profit institute because it aligns with our social mission to change the landscape of the legal education in Pakistan by providing a remarkable student-centered experience.

Our Mission

Driven by a strong need to improve the quality of legal education in Pakistan, our mission is to prepare twenty-first-century lawyers who are ready to collaborate with the global legal workforce to make a social impact.

Our Philosophy

With our students, faculty and staff at our core, we are strongly committed to:

  • Fostering a culture of trust and dignity;
  • Maintaining work and family life balance;
  • Developing a learning partnership between students, faculty and staff;
  • Using modern pedagogy to promote research and reasoning; and
  • Being mindful.


Our Vision

Please call at 0333-4410700 for more information.