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Why Blackstone Law is right for you?

partial scholarships for ll.m.

We proudly announce that qualified Blackstone Law students are eligible for partial scholarships for an LL.M. Program at Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law. IU McKinney Law's LL.M. Program has been chosen in the Best Law School Experience, Best Career Opportunities, and Best Value categories by The International Jurist Magazine! To read student success stories click here


Work Study LL.B. Program

The main goal of the LL.B. work study program is to help you build a resume with three years of experience while you finish your studies. The program is inspired by the Bridges Curriculum offered at University of California San Francisco.


Paid Externship & Core Courses: Our students become our employees to get hands on training while they study for core courses in year 1.


Field placement & Advance Courses: Our students will be placed with law firms and NGOs as they study advanced courses in year 2.


Inquiry Deep Explore: Student will research in an area of law in combination to specialized courses.

Law Clinic: Student will take part in advance legal work.

Guaranteed Success & Financial Aid

Dream big. Do big things. We are here to support you! We offer a number of scholarships on the basis of need, merit and diversity to qualified applicants for the LL.B. Program.  

We guarantee that 100% of our LL.B. students will attain pass marks in all subjects that they undertake as long as they complete 80% of the in-class projects/assignments, do not miss more than two class sessions per subject in an academic year, and comply with our academic counseling program. If a student meets the above conditions and fails one or more subjects, the student can re-study the failed subject/s with our college for no tuition cost until she/he receives a pass mark in the subject/s. 

Teaching Methodologies

We provide an engaging learning experience through highly acclaimed Self-Organized Learning Environment (SOLE) and Flipped Classroom teaching methodology. Our classrooms are a place for collaborative research on intriguing and open-ended questions and a medium for sharing research findings. The School also has hundreds of lecture videos freely available to the students to support their learning outside of classroom.



Fully committed to our students' success, we offer hundreds of online video lectures so that our students have a 24-hour academic support. There is no additional cost for video lectures. They are for you to keep, watch, listen, download, share, re-watch, long as you wish! Access lectures here.


Our faculty members are experts in their respective fields of law. In addition, they are seasoned educators committed to your success. Majority of our faculty members hold advanced international degrees. Take advantage of our strong faculty that will guide you to develop your skills and knowledge.



MessagE From Indiana UNIVERSITY (USA)

Miki Pike Hamstra

Director of Graduate Programs
Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law
Lawrence W. Inlow Hall, Room 357A
530 W. New York Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202-3225

Specialized Education


LL.B. students, in addition to compulsory subjects, can choose a group of courses to specialize and excel in their career:

  • Corporate Law Group
  • Litigation Group
  • Civil Service Group
  • Human Rights Law Group
  • International Law Group

Ian Eldred, a faculty member at Blackstone School of Law

Ian Eldred, a faculty member at Blackstone School of Law, discusses the exciting possibility of studying Criminology course! Ian's 7+ years of teaching University of London LLB students is a great addition to our revolutionary style of teaching.

Please call at 0333-4410700 for more information.

Legal Education Reform in Pakistan


IU Alumni Magazine hails Blackstone School of Law and IU collaboration as a legal education reform in Pakistan! To read the story click here and goto Page 41. 

One woman has taken it upon herself to turn the tides. “We are disrupting legal education,” said Ujala Akram, the dean of Blackstone School of Law, (BSOL) in a recent conversation with me. Based in Lahore, BSOL is providing legal education to students who are, or wish to be, enrolled into the illustrious University of London LL.B. (Hons.) Program. To read the complete article click here.

Lahore’s Blackstone School of Law has initiated a “Safe Campus Campaign” to provide a safe learning environment for students. A short video prepared by Blackstone School of Law has taken the conversation to the next level as students and faculty members are inviting all campuses to join them in the Safe Campus Campaign. To watch the video click here.

Haseeb Ahmed

Haseeb Ahmed


Meet our new scholar, Mr. Haseeb Ahmed, who has received $10,000 in scholarship for his LL.M. at Indiana University through Blackstone School of Law’s collaboration.  Haseeb was successfully able to obtain his U.S. visa and is preparing to leave for USA soon! He aspires to specialize in American Law for Foreign Lawyers and plans to further sit for his Bar exam in the US and become an attorney at the New York Bar. He has advanced towards his journey to success. To begin yours, apply today.

Saad Khawaja

Saad Khawaja


Meet our Dean’s Scholar, Mr. Saad Khawaja, who has been awarded a $15,000 in scholarship for his LL.M. at Indiana University through Blackstone School of Law’s collaboration. Saad was successfully able to obtain his U.S. visa and is preparing to leave for USA soon! He aspires to become an Intellectual Property attorney in the U.S. and will be working with technology companies in the Silicon Valley (California) during his one-year work authorization (OPT) after completing his LL.M. program.

Accomplished Student List

Our Students have made their mark by achieving distinctions and succeeding in their careers

United States           

Caroline Pilling

Jeremy Symonds

Kesi Case

Priyanka Chatterjee

Andrae Roberts

United Kingdom

Sabrina Chevannes

Sandy Warawa

Summer Browne

Saleha Ahmad


Oluwafemi Abiodun

Trinidad Tobago

Dawn Taitt

Abby Chikuruwo

Joel Bajnath

Christy Louis-Pantin

Shameela Baksh

Kimberly Boca


Piret Alver



Rose Marie Thomas

Sharon McCarthy

Sandeep Bal

Mackeda Bramwell

Sadiq Khoja

Hazel Morgan

Hong Kong

Catherine Hopkins

Kwok Ying Lam

Ivy Ho

United Arab Emirates

Yasha Jaylaskhmi

Afnan Zia


Ruheen Kaba


Anneesheia Williams

Angeleana Virgo


Wynter Karl

Shally-Ann Backford-Hall

Student Testimonials

Hassan Rizvi LL.M. 

Hassan Rizvi LL.M. 

The day I met Blackstone School of Law faculty and staff, I never looked back. Blackstone Law provided me with profound guidance in my legal education and career,. They enabled me to go to Indiana University for my LL.M. degree with a good chunk of financial aid. The LLM program at Indiana University gave me the perfect exposure and credentials to make a mark in the Pakistani market as well as in USA. Right after coming back to Pakistan, I started getting offers from all of the best Universities in Pakistan to teach law. LL.M. from Indiana is not only about standing before a judge and arguing a case. It can transform your life in many others ways. Today I am at the top of my career working with T-mobile, one of the top three telecom companies in the US, at their headquarters in Seattle.